Work Visa

This Visa is for people who have dedicated a commendable portion of their life to attain necessary and plausible skills. If you have the skills to invest in another country and contribute to its economy, this is the Visa for you. A work visa might pave your way to permanent residency and eventually settlement in another country. Divy Immigration Solutions is the best consultant to help you explore various countries and the type of Work permits to skilled professionals. Talk to our work permit experts right away!

Definition of the Work Visa

A work visa is a type of Visa that grants the holder authorization to accept employment in a foreign country. It may be issued as a stamp in the passport or as a separate document. There are many types of work visas. Every country has its unique way of welcoming potential workers. Hence, it would help if you had professional consultation from Divy Immigration Solutions Careers.

As mentioned earlier, the objective of obtaining a work visa is to land in a foreign location for work-related purposes. Work visas may also be needed for volunteering and internships.

Requirements for the Work Visa

Work Visas are highly specific and cover a plethora of legal protocols. Work Visas might not allow you to work for another employer when you are already working for someone. That’s the reason in most cases, and the prospective employer is the one who undertakes the responsibility of offering the work permit and other related things such as licenses, etc. The employer applies and sends a cover letter. However, there are some countries where there is a possibility of multiple employments. To learn more about all these things and the validity of the Visa, walk into Divy Immigration Solutions.

A prior job offer is mandatory for Work Visa.  Applicants need a job offer to apply for a work visa. In most cases, work visas can only be obtained by applying at a diplomatic mission or other official offices belonging to the destination country. The application for a work visa should be submitted in person with all the necessary documents. It might be necessary to make an appointment beforehand.

Some countries provide a possibility to obtain an electronic work visa. The Online Visa system makes the process pretty easier. Countries like Canada and New Zealand have switched to this model.

The applications can be submitted online. This means you need to go to the embassy. But in case the country needs a biometric verification (such as Canada), you might have to visit the embassy.

Document Checklist for Work Visa:

  • Letters from previous employers
  • Letter from the prospective employer in the destination country
  • Qualifications
  • Signed contract (if applicable)

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Benefits of Work in Abroad

  • You get a chance to form long-lasting relationships with people from other countries
  • You see how the rest of the world operates
  • You learn things that you normally would not in your own country
  • You might find a better way of doing things while working abroad that could transform your career
  • You’ll gain unique experience and an expanded perspective

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